Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal therapy has made tremendous advances over the last 30 years with the development of many new products and techniques.  Through the years our practice continues to evolve and incorporate these advances which enhance our care and success.  Our practice provides a full complement of Periodontal Care and our goal is to save our patients teeth for a lifetime.  We have found through the years that even poor teeth can be saved for many years far beyond our patients' expectations.  "Periodontitis", or bone loss of the supporting structures of the teeth, is one of the most common medical conditions with approximately 80% of adults displaying some degree of this disease.  The goal of treatment of this condition is removal of the infections material from the gums so they can return to health along with placing bone grafting material where jaws have deteriorated to restore them as best as possible.

Other common conditions patients display is receding gums.  This can be caused by numerous factors and our goal is to restore the cosmetics of the gum tissues along with enhancement of the gums to prevent the recurrence of this condition.

Dental lasers have also enhanced the care we can provide patients.  The laser is used for many procedures in periodontal therapy, but it is especially useful in treating patients on numerous cardiac medications and blood thinners such as coumadin.  These patients often display severe periodontal disease and very swollen gum tissues.  Unfortunately these patients cannot have conventional surgical treatment due to their medical problems and the excessive bleeding that will occur.  The laser is most useful in improving these patients' periodontal condition as  the laser can reduce the swelling and disease of the gums with little to no bleeding.  This attribute of the laser also makes it extremely useful for oral biopsies.  The laser also helps many young patients undergoing orthodontic therapy.  These procedures are painless and completed without bleeding.

The following pictorial guide will show just a few of the many conditions we can help with periodontal therapy.  Call us if you want to see if we can help your condition.