1.        Following your implant surgery, should you find bleeding it is very important for you to bite on
the cotton that we have provided for you for thirty minutes. When you need to change the cotton, 
moisten a fresh piece with water. This will help the healing of the gum tissues.

2.        Apply an ice bag to the outside of your face over the treated area.  Keeping this on for 20
minutes then off for 20 minutes will reduce the swelling you may encounter.  Remember that cold only
helps during the first 24 hours after surgery and should not be continued during the second day post

3.        It is very important that you avoid all chewing where the implants have been placed. If this is
unavoidable, try to maintain a nutritious diet with liquid to soft foods. You should maintain oral hygiene, 
staying away from the surgical area. The less trauma to the area, the better to promote good healing. 
traumatizing the area can cause failure of the implant. Should you have a removable denture, this should be

used sparingly and only for cosmetic reasons during the first 4 weeks post-operatively. 

4.        Please follow all the prescriptions carefully. You will be given several medications for discomfort, 
antibiotics and possibly an antibacterial rinse. Continue to take all the antibiotics until finished and use
the rinse twice a day as directed to prevent infection.

5.        If you have any questions or problems, feel free to call at the below numbers.

Residence: (203) 869-6234 (Dr. Demascus)