1.         Maintain a soft, nutritious diet without chewing in the area that was treated surgically. Should your
doctor have given you a removable replacement tooth, please do not eat with this appliance as it may
cause the bone graft to not heal properly and only wear it sparingly for the first 4 weeks post-operatively. 

2.         Maintain oral hygiene throughout your mouth but avoid the surgical area.

3.         Apply an ice bag to the outside of your face over the treated area.  Keeping this on for 20 minutes
then off for 20 minutes will reduce the swelling you may encounter.  Remember that cold only helps during
the first 24 hours after surgery and should not be continued during the second day post operatively.

4.         If bleeding should occur, moisten a tea bag, gauze pad, or Kleenex tissue and apply with firm
continuous pressure over the dressing for 20 minutes.  Do not rinse or remove the dressing.

5.         If the doctor prescribes an antibiotic for you to take and you develop diarrhea, it is recommended
that you eat Dannon low fat yogurt with “Acidophilus” to help control this condition.  If the diarrhea persists,
stop using the antibiotic and call the office.

6.        During the healing you may encounter small bits of the bone graft material in your mouth.  This is

7.         If you have any questions or problems, feel free to call at the below numbers.

Home: (203) 869-6234 (Dr. Demascus)